I love creating backgrounds, so I thought I would share!!!

Can you please leave a comment if you are going to grab a code. The reason is because then I can remove the background, so only one blog has that background. I feel it is important to stay unique and you can't do that if everyone has the same background.

I would love any suggestion, request or comment on any of the backgrounds so feel free to leave one.

How to Apply:

Start out with a “White Minima” template

(You will find this in Layout under “pick new template”)
-In Layout click “Page Elements”- Click "Add a Gadget"
- When the box opens, Copy the entire HTML code under the photo of the background you want and paste in this box
-Click"Save" and you have a new background

Monday, June 29, 2009



Clay, Kyky & Jacks said...

I took this one!! So Cute!

Melvin said...

ya its so cute ....
i love it....

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